Silver Soft collection

Silver soft Collection is a part of Ehsshield collection made of soft and high shielding grey fabric.

The softness of Silver Soft feels lovely against the skin.

Silver soft has a high shielding ability of 50 dB.

The clothing is ideal for every day clothing at your job, when relaxing, when going to the city, when you´re enjoing nature, when doing sports, and the clothing is even ideal for bathing and swimming.

Did you know that the Silver Soft collection is also ideal for bathing and swimming?​

EMR Protection Boxer Shorts

Silver Soft
Boxer Shorts

These Silver Soft boxer shorts has a high protection of 50 dB.

There are two types:

  • One for men.

  • One for women.


These Long Johns can also be used as leggings, joggers, or soft pants.

They can be used both as the outer layer or as the inner layer underneath some other pants or even some other leggings.


Unisex: They are made to fit both men and women because of its stretchable fabric.

They have a high protection of 50 dB.


 The foot mouth (the opening where the foot is) is designed so these long johns both can be used as leggings and as pants.

Silver Clothing