• Anti- radiation.

  • Air tube.

  • Low EMF.

Air Tube

Air tube Technology

Airtube Earphones

Specially developed technology to you from Ibrain!

New airtube headphones with a special anti-radiation technology. The mobile phone radiation is not transported to your ear. Sound is transported through the air tube with no metal. Additionally, a special Low EMF technology is used in the other end of the wire and gives you both low electricity and a low magnetic field.

We love that!


Air Tube Earphones
Air Tube Headset
Air Tube Headset
Air Tube Earphones
Air Tube
Air Tube




Only plastic near the ear. 


This caller headset is designed with only one headphone.

By this, it makes it easier both to listen to what is being said in the headphone and to stay tuned on ones surroundings at the same time.

The headset comes with three different port solutions.

  • Mini jack: Used as normal headset and earphone. For smart phones, tablets, computers etc.

  • USB:  Used for computers.

  • RJ9: Used for most standard landline phones.

Airtube Caller headset

Let technology go your way!


Air Tube Earphones