Ehsshield fabrics


Silver High, Silver Soft, Silver Polyester, Silver Nylon, Silver Modal, and Silver Net.
One of Ehsshield`s favourite fabrics is Silver High.
Wrap it all around you and you have a Faraday blanket!

Silver High

Stainless steel

Ehsshield sells different stainless steel fabrics.
They protect between 28-35 dB depending on the style.
The fabric with the higher protection is thicker.
Material: Steel Fiber Fabric (Stainless steel) and T/C (polyester and cotton)
Width: 150 cm.

Stainless Steel Fabric

Other metal fabrics

The manufacturer Swiss Shield produces white fabrics with silver and copper. The white style fits many modern house styles, and can be used as curtains etc.
Ehsshield can order Swiss Shield fabrics if you are ordering more than 5 meters pr. fabric. If so, please write to
The white fabric "Ultima" has a high protection of 41 dB.

Ultima from Swiss Shield

We also make clothing with this new technology.

RF Protection Dress

Our new two fabrics are made with an anti-oxidation technique so that the silver oxidises a bit slower than usual silver fabrics and silver clothing. Eventually, all silver will oxidise, but this fabrics anti-oxidation process takes a bit longer than usual fabrics.

Our anti oxidation technology comes in two different fabric variations;

1. Silver Shiny Antioxidation 

2. Silver High Antioxidation.

Handle with care

EMF protection fabrics.

Care, washing and maintenance method:
Washable at 30 degrees.

Handle with care. Keep the fabric away from acids. Do not bleach. Do not heat on radiators.

Washing with neutral detergent. We recommend that you use Leblok´s  washing powder or washing liquid for wool.

Do not scrub. 

Wash gently; when using washing machine, please adopt gentle washing procedure and keep unidirectional washing. No spin dry, no wringing, dry it by airing;
Non bleaching;
Don’t expose it to the sun.

Special tips: Please leave it in dry place when not in use. 

Please note, that the amount of metal will decrease in time.


Washing instructions for stainless steel fabrics:

Handle with care!

The stainless steel fabrics can be ironed at 1 degree 1, the lowest temperature. Still handle with care when it comes to heat!

Washable at 30-40 degrees. We recommend that you use Leblok´s  washing powder or washing liquid for wool.

Do not scrub. 


1 means 1 meter.

2 means 2 meter

3 means 3 meter and so on.

We offer you the best quality possible!